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After 10 years serving the motorcycle community EMA Inc. will cease operations at the end of January 2011.  EMA Inc. operates the EMA-USA retail store and website along with The EMI Group.


As for the EMI Group product lines; R&G Racing products will be available from Twisted Throttle of Rhode Island and the other manufacturers are at this time considering new partners in the US.


To ensure a smooth transition, current dealer information has been passed along to Twisted Throttle and they will be setting up dealer accounts.  Please contact Twisted Throttle at your convenience to validate your dealer account.  I think you will find the guys at Twisted Throttle a great group to work with and they will be providing more information.



New R&G Racing Distributor information:


Twisted Throttle LLC
1080 Kingstown Rd, Building 1
Peace Dale, RI  02879

401-284-4200 (main)

401-223-6954 (fax)


It's been a privilege to operate our business and meet so many great people over the years but the lack luster economy along with growing personal and family commitments have finally taken their toll.  We hope Twisted Throttle will be able to build on the great product line from R&G Racing and will provide the same great support that I hope we have provided to you.  I wish everyone continued growth and prosperity in 2011 and beyond.  If you have questions or need more information please don't hesitate to call.



Thank you,


Jeff Hubert

EMA Inc.


 Use these links for more information on the following product lines.

Stainless steel and carbon fiber brake line kits...

flush mount LED turn signals, fender eliminators...

forged aluminum & magnesium wheels...

crash protection: frame sliders, fork sliders,
swing-arm sliders, fender eliminators, much more...

clip-ons, rear sets,triple clamps,
fuel caps, quick action throttles, more...

quick shifters, digital dashes, power shifters 

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